The Benefits Of Custom Advertising Umbrellas
- 2022-07-11 15:47:01

Custom umbrellas give a lot of promotional ground for your logo!

Do you know that about 89% of people recall advertisers who gave them useful promotional gifts?

Nowadays, many marketers prefer value building with promotional custom umbrellas because people use them always and are likely to remember them more than before. Marketers looking forward to big profits know the benefits of advertising with custom printed umbrellas because everyone uses them.

With printed logo umbrellas, marketers can utilize a weather phenomenon to their advantage and leverage visibility in a competitive marketplace.

We have large choice of colors and styles, it’s easy to find the ideal umbrella to complement your company logo or event theme. Custom umbrellas are so much more than a gift – they create live walking billboards featuring your company logo! People truly appreciate receiving umbrellas, and every time it rains your logo will be seen running through the streets promoting your business in style!

We design our fully custom umbrellas to include all of the details from the color of your fabric down to the custom handle. We offer custom umbrella manufacturing services to create just the unique umbrella you need to fit your brand or promotion.

Big impact styles include the ability to print huge full color images and all over prints on your umbrellas.  We create fully custom umbrellas on a range of our frame styles from compact auto open styles to our large wind-proof golf styles.

Our frames are made in steel, fiberglass and aluminum according to the style, and once we speak with you about your project we will recommend the best option for your budget.

SUSINOUMBRELLA with thousands of satisfied customers, we still feel there is a long way to go. If wish to know more about our products, their prices or imprint options, call us at +8618039889808 or you can write us

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